Сервис по вызову ненужных вещей

What's svalka.me?

We believe in conscious consumption society. Surely you have a whole bunch of clothes you never wear and things you'd give away? Along with books you don't read, gadgets you don't use, furniture you don't like. We solve this problem. Just gather everything you no longer need, give us a call and we will pick it all up at once.

Pick up my stuff

Order free pick up service

We will arrive and pick up any useless things from your home, garage or office: clothes, books, dishes, toys, gadgets or furniture. We will sort, fix and put them on shelves of our second store. We reinvest part of the revenue back to support our community and drive social initiatives.

pick up my stuff

Bring stuff by yourself

You can bring your belongings to our second-hand store on your own and get svalka points as a reward. Just speak with a cashier in our store and give him your stuff.

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